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metamorphosis - renovations



This project is a perfectly described as a metamorphosis. The homeowners had visions of repurposing their older garage into something multifunctional.

After tearing down the dated single car garage the Brenshaw Custom Homes crew got to work prepping the lot for the new build. 


The result: a three-car garage/carriage house styled structure. The façade is natural red cedar shingles, left untreated to allow for natural weathering to support the main home’s period; circa1830s. The 2,000 square foot dwelling features a finished basement below the garage floor, which is supported by hollow-core concrete planks. The space above the garage has been prepped for future living space and a 2nd story deck which offers views of the pretty property and double staircase down to the lawn/driveway. When the homeowner is ready a renovation will include guest accommodations, a music den, and a yoga studio.



Reimagined Spaces

Re-invented spaces. Brenshaw Corporation, while focusing on custom home builds, has an extensive renovations portfolio. From basement renovations to new custom bathroom and bath renovations to full kitchen remodels to exterior renovations, homes are evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the family.

Basements: Reimagining basement spaces often involves creating living space where typical basement/cellar space is no longer needed. Entertaining spaces with full bars and details like custom hardwood wall paneling, full bars, powder rooms and full baths, home gyms, offices, media rooms and spaces, and play spaces for younger family members are renovation projects that can transform the way families enjoy their homes.

Lower Level_edited.jpg

Bathrooms: Full bathroom remodels are a popular way to breathe new life into a space that once was considered utilitarian. An expanding focus on wellness and self-care has resulted in the bathroom becoming more spa-like, feeling like a retreat. Luxurious freestanding soaking tubs, spacious walk-in showers, and well-designed custom storage are trends that elevate the bathroom into a space to recharge and revitalize in.

Kitchens: As the kitchen has grown from the place meals are prepared and family discussions happen around the table at dinner into a welcoming space where families and friends gather. Popular sustainable trends like spacious multi-purpose islands, smart appliances, gorgeous and functional storage take center stage in the room that is the heartbeat of the home.

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